Social media erupts after New York City woman picks up alleged $8,000 couch off the street: ‘I would be scared of bed bug central’

Amanda Joy (@yafavv.mandaa) is now being labeled the “blue couch girl” after she picked up a sofa on a New York City sidewalk. 

When Joy walked by the couch on the street, she searched it up online and found out it was worth $8,000 dollars. 

“Got my dream couch for free,” Joy wrote in the caption of her post. 

Her video went viral, amassing over 62 million views in less than a week, but many of the viewers were more concerned for her safety rather than happy she got a new couch — expecting it to be infested with bed bugs. 

Joy did wash and clean the couch several times with the help of her family before moving it into her apartment, but viewers were still skeptical. 

“Couch/mattresses thrown out in nyc typically means bed bugs,” replied @clearlyvictoria.

“It looks so good but I’m SO SCARED about it being BED BUG CENTRAL,” replied @habibi.rab.

After her video went viral, people on other platforms created lore for the couch, making jokes about why they threw it into the street. 

Some Twitter users even called into question the actual value of the couch, saying this version isn’t worth thousands of dollars.

Once a few days passed, Joy posted an update video responding to viewers’ worries of bed bugs and other infestations. According to her, the couch was outside on the street for 24 hours and stayed in her father’s workplace for two weeks — where they cleaned it several times. 

Her update video received over 2 million views and still had plenty of skeptics to her action. 

“There’s a reason a SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLAR couch was left outside,” replied @whoishmael.

Nevertheless, Joy is happy with her new couch, despite everything the internet is telling her. 

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