Make an adorable snowman decoration out of materials you already have at home

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If you want a cute and festive way to keep a door open this winter or just some added decor, check out these adorable sock snowmen. You can make one using any socks you have at home, especially those that are missing a match.

In fact, all you need is a classic white tube sock, a drinking glass, some rice, scissors, string and scraps of fabric, sewing pins or beads and fabric glue for decorating.

First, cut the sock in half, just between where the arch of the foot and the heel would meet. Flip the ankle part of the sock inside out and tie the top part tight with a string. Then, cut off the excess part of the foot of the sock, leaving just the ankle part. After that, flip the sock back to the right side, with the string still inside.

Next, place the sock inside the drinking glass and fold its edges over the rim. Fill the sock with rice. Remove the sock from the rim and tie this end with another string just above the rice.

Then, tie another string around the middle of the rice-filled sock to make it look like two snowman pieces.

Finally, decorate your sock snowman! Roll up the leftover toe part of the sock to make a hat (or use a different color sock to change it up). Glue on buttons for eyes and a nose, or use sewing pins. Then, tie the leftover fabric around the top to make a scarf.

Use your snowman as a doorstop, paperweight or as simple decor.

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