Sol Sips is the Brooklyn-based restaurant making vegan food accessible to all

“Shop Small” is a series where we speak to founders of small businesses on how their products and services address the needs of their community.

With only four ingredients and at 19-years-old, Sol Sips owner Francesca Chaney started a restaurant at 276 Knickerbocker Ave. in Brooklyn that restaurant centers affordable, vegan food.

“I was at a point in life where I needed to figure out what foods were important for me to consume,” Chaney tells In The Know. “Although we don’t necessarily get to pick our bodies, we are inside of it, and as long as we can take care of them in a way that’s fruitful, they will take care of us.”

What’s In Sol Sips Food

Sol Sips only serves plant-based dishes. Plus, all of the fruits and vegetables used in every meal are inspired by her parents’ background. There’s Garifuna and Belizean food from her mom’s side and southern Black American cuisine from her dad’s side. You can find plant-based takes on everything from Caribbean patties to chicken and biscuits on the Sol Sips menu.

Credit: Sol Sips

“[The chicken is] made from oyster mushrooms and we have chickpea batter,” Chaney explains. “We also have fresh raspberries on the sandwich, as well as avocado, and then it’s made on a fresh chia seed turmeric biscuit.”

Sol Sips specifically tackles accessibility in the vegan world. Recognizing that some people are unable to afford certain products in certain areas, the restaurant offers to-go bags for customers that range from $7 to $15.

“The current program we’re working on right now is EBT for Hot Foods,” Chaney says. “It’s important to use our resources and it’s important to use our privilege to make sure that more people have a hot meal.”

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