Did you know Solo cups could do this?

The Internet was blown away by this TikToker’s plastic party cup hack. 

TikToker Lindsay Roggenbuck (@lindsayroggenbuck) is known for her helpful hacks around the house. This particular hack will change the way summer party-goers view a classic day drinking staple. It turns out plastic party cups are a lot more than meets the eye! 

According to the clever TikToker, the lines on party cups can actually serve as marks for measuring alcohol! 

Lindsay, while holding a plastic party cup, goes line by line, explaining the measurement that each mark represents. 

The top line, according to Lindsay, is equivalent to a pint of beer. 

The next line below measures 12 ounces, according to Lindsay, which is the standard beer bottle size

The second-to-last line measures 5 ounces, according to the TikToker, which is approximately one serving of wine

And finally, the last line on the cup is equal to 1 fluid ounce, which is the equivalent of a shot. 

The hack wowed TikTok users, with many commenters wondering how they’ve gone so long without knowing this essential tidbit.

“How did I NOT know this?!” wrote one shocked viewer. 

“Me realizing I put 5 shots in a mixed drink at parties,” said another user who will likely never make that same mistake again.

One important note: while most people refer to plastic party cups as “Solo cups,” not all party cups are Solo brand cups. The plastic cup that Lindsay is holding in the video definitely appears to have the measuring lines, but the Solo brand claims that their current line of party cups doesn’t feature any measuring lines.

According to Solo’s website, what the lines represent is “one of the greatest mysteries of our time.” While their original party cup, which launched in the 1970s, had the measuring lines, their current line of cups is “square-based with four grips to minimize spillage,” and no longer has the lines for measuring. 

But cups with lines are clearly still out there, whether or not they are Solo brand cups. So next time you’re at a party, be on the lookout. If anything, this hack is a great way to impress your friends while making sure everyone drinks responsibly. Cheers! 

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