Take up to $300 off Solo Stove fire pits and bundles all weekend long

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For warmer and cooler weather alike (emphasis on the cooler since it’s very cold outside right now!), there’s nothing like spending time outdoors — whether it’s camping, dining al fresco, going on hikes or hanging with friends around a fire.

One of the most universally loved things to do in the spring and summer and into the fall is sitting with friends and family by a fire pit, but it can be a costly and space-consuming pastime. This is where we say “thank you” to the sale gods above because the Solo Stove fire pit is where it’s at — “it” meaning peak hygge.

Solo Stove has “personal” fire pits a.k.a miniature-sized, stainless steel fire pits that are meant for small areas but are also great for average-sized yards — and they’re on super sale right now. Sounds like the ideal winter activity, no?

Not only is every single Solo Stove’s fire pit compact in size, they’re travel-friendly too, meaning they’re portable and packable for camping trips and more.

While Solo Stove offers three different sizes (the Ranger, the Bonfire and the Yukon), the Ranger is your best bet if you want to start with the smallest and most affordable option.

Solo Stove Ranger, $219.99 (Orig. $269.99)

Credit: Solo Stove

If you’re wondering how the Solo Stove operates, it’s very simple to use. Without batteries or fans, the Solo Stove Ranger is fueled by chunk wood (or small logs). And if you hate the smell of a campfire, you don’t have to worry about that with a Solo Stove either, as it doesn’t produce any smoke. Plus, because the Ranger burns the wood super efficiently, cleaning up is easy. Just dump the leftover ultra-fine ash into the trash.

With more than 13,00 five-star reviews, the innovative fire pit is a clear choice for those looking to entertain at home

“Great fire pit that is extremely portable and well-made,” one reviewer said. “My existing backyard pit created so much smoke we barely used it. The Ranger allows us to utilize the back patio and have a nice fire. It also creates a great flame for that fire aesthetic. It seems to maximize the amount of flame with the provided fuel as well.” 

One customer also wished they could give the product 10 stars because it is “virtually smokeless.”

“I gave [my Ranger Fire Pit] 5 stars but would give it ten if possible,” they said. “The fire pit is a work of stainless steel art. The fire starts very easily with a bit of tinder and burns clean and hot. The ordering process was simple and was delivered in 3 days! It is wonderful and I recommend it to everyone.”

If you’re still curious about the other Solo Stove modelsthe Bonfire and the Yukon — you can shop them down below.

Solo Stove Bonfire, $269.99 (Orig. $349.99)

Credit: Solo Stove

The Bonfire is just sliiightly larger than the Ranger but can still fit in most small backyards. If you have even more space, you might want to take advantage of the larger Yukon, sitting at 27 inches wide and 17 inches tall. You do you!

Solo Stove Yukon, $484.99 (Orig. $599.99)

Credit: Solo Stove

If you do choose to go with one of the larger Solo Stove models, there are additional accessories you won’t want to forget like the firewood, a stand or roasting sticks, or you can opt to buy everything in handy fire pit bundles, too. The Backyard Bundles are currently 35% off all weekend long

Solo Stove Ranger Backyard Bundle, $329.99 (Orig. $509.99)

Credit: Solo Stove

The backyard bundle comes with an added stand and shield for your fire pit.

Solo Stove Bonfire Backyard Bundle, $439.99 (Orig. $689.99)

Credit: Solo Stove

Take $250 off this essential bundle.

Solo Stove Yukon Backyard Bundle, $759.99 (Orig. $1,059.99)

Credit: Solo Stove

If you’re investing in the larger Yukon fire pit, a stand and screen is a must!

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