A meltdown from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is helping TikTokers cope with minor annoyances

Sometimes a little release is what you need to cope. A Grey’s Anatomy clip is helping TikTokers vent their frustrations. 

Shonda Rimes’ long-running medical drama is full of epic moments and meltdowns. A scene where Sandra Oh, as Cristina Yang, has an uncontrollable crying spell is making the rounds on TikTok. The melodramatic tantrum is the perfect soundtrack to people cracking under the pressure of the bothersome things in their lives. 

The Grey’s Anatomy episode

In the episode “Deny, Deny, Deny,” Cristina has trouble taking time off from work despite recovering from a collapse. After a long day at work, where she cracks a difficult case, she bursts into tears, screaming, “Somebody sedate me!”

TikTokers are now using audio from Cristina’s meltdown in a brand new meme


i don’t know how i got over it but i refused to wear jeans until like 8th grade

♬ somebody SEDATE ME – janie 🏰

“I don’t know how I got over it but I refused to wear jeans until like eighth grade,” @soupytime said. “Me ages zero to 12 whenever denim touched my body.” 

Then the sound of Cristina’s voice can be heard shrieking, “Somebody sedate me!” 


It makes your whole body feel gross 😭 #sedateme #fyp

♬ somebody SEDATE ME – janie 🏰

“When you’re doing the dishes and you touch wet fed,” @kaitllln wrote in the caption. She cringed in horror as she washed the dirty plates and cups. 


and then your siblings yell at you because they can hear the music in your headphones as you’re trying to drown out the human freight train

♬ somebody SEDATE ME – janie 🏰

“My dad sleeping soundly in the hotel room on family vacation, snoring louder than any human being has the right to,” @tumbleweed29 said. 

The video cut to her crying underneath her pillow because of the agonizing noise. 

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