TikTok users are admitting the things they just can’t get over

People are pining over unrequited love in the “sometimes all I think about is you” trend. 

TikTokers lip-sync to a slowed-down version of “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals to convey that they miss someone. Now the Glass Animals remix has over 681,000 videos associated with it. The moody new meme rose in popularity in late August, but it all started with a Never Have I Ever fan video.


boys who climb through windows have my heart <3 | my audio | my scenes

♬ original sound – πŸ’

On August 16, the user @sevier.edits created a slowed remix of “Heat Waves” and added a reverb to the song. The new version was to score a video montage of Never Have I Ever’s central couple Devi Vishwakumar and Paxton Hall-Yoshida. The TikTok quickly went viral and currently has over 5 million views. 

Not long after it was posted, the @sevier.edits “Heat Waves” remix sparked its own trend. 

What is the “sometimes all I think about is you” trend on TikTok? 

In the trend people lip-sync the lyrics to the song to express what they’re longing for β€” sometimes in earnest, other times for comedic effect. 

TikToker @he.is.my.home went viral on August 26, with a very dramatic video. She tearfully lip-synced the lyrics, “sometimes all I think about is you,” as she tried to go to bed. The clip received over 17 million views in six days.


Don’t touch me bc i’ll plan or marriage.

♬ original sound – πŸ’

“Someone giving me just one second of physical touch,” @sdavidrodriguez joked before miming, “sometimes all I think about is you.” 


I can’t imagine my life without him #cat

♬ original sound – πŸ’

“He just hangs out all day and he’s never had a job. Why do you still love him?” the caption of @chutneys.clowder video read. 

Then she revealed the guy she was talking about was her cat as “Heat Waves” played. 

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