Teenager lashes out over parents’ household ultimatum: ‘He has six months to move out’

A mother is baffled by her son’s decision to drop out of high school and become an influencer. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share her dilemma. The woman’s 17-year-old son demanded she and her husband permit him to drop out of high school. The teen had been struggling at school, but was accommodated with reduced assignments, therapy three times a week and help from his mother.

The teen’s mother told him he could drop out provided he move out and support himself. However, when she said this, the teenager lashed out at her.

“He told us at dinner that he needs our signatures to drop out of school,” she wrote. “He told us that if we won’t sign the paperwork as soon as he turns 18 in May, he will sign the forms himself and drop out. My husband asked what plans he had if he were to drop out such as work, living situation and transportation and he said he was going to stay here so he wouldn’t have to worry about any of that.”

“We both told him that if he dropped out of school that he would not be living here, that he would have six months in which he would need to find a job, a place to live and his own transportation to get back and forth from work,” the mom explained. “We told him that if he is going to make the adult decision to discontinue his education that he would need to be able to support himself, because we would not be doing that. […] Our son called us both ‘stupid a**holes’ and told us ‘we don’t understand that he doesn’t want to work like dad.'”

Reddit users agreed with the mother on this one.

“Your son is on a path to learn some very tough life lessons,” one user said

“This is where he will learn the truth about being an adult.” someone else commented

“Your son needs a good dose of reality,” another person wrote

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