Little boy packs bag to ‘visit his dad in Heaven,’ brings TikTok to tears: ‘The sweetest and saddest thing I’ve seen’

This mom on TikTok shared what her son plans to pack to visit his dad in heaven, and viewers are going to need a lot of tissues

TikToker Ashley Irwin (@just_your_average_mom) is a content creator and busy parent living in Texas who often shares clips of TikTok challenges and snippets of daily life dealing with grief and mental health. Recently, Irwin shared an emotional video showing what her son packed in his suitcase to visit his dad in heaven, and viewers are choking up all over TikTok. 

The clip, which has over 3 million views and counting, begins with the text, “When your son wants to visit heaven,” typed over a shot of Irwin facing the camera and holding a red, Spider-Man-themed bag.

“Y’all know my son. He’s a hoot,” Irwin addresses the camera before explaining that before bed, her son asked her to get his suitcase.  

After asking her son where he plans on going, his response was, “I’ve got a big trip tomorrow.” A puzzled Irwin then asks if he’s talking about going to church, to which he replies, “No, that’s going to have to wait, but He’ll [God] forgive me.” 

At this point, Irwin becomes emotional when explaining that her son revealed that he’s taking a trip to heaven to visit his dad

Irwin then opens the bag to reveal a few masks and capes. “I’m assuming he’s saving the world in heaven,” she says through sniffles. 

Other items include a whistle, a ball, and two new baseball gloves. Upon discovering the following objects, Irwin breaks into sobs. 

Along with some toys and games, her son packed “dad’s first wallet,” along with the new wallet she got him for Christmas, which is stuffed with family photos. He also packed a pair of red loafers with his dad’s cologne tucked into one of the shoes as a tribute to what his dad would do when traveling. 

Irwin closes the video explaining that whenever her late husband and son would go on a trip, they’d bring her back flowers they picked, “and I promise you tomorrow, [her son] will do the same.”

Irwin’s video struck an emotional chord with viewers. 

“The look when you smelled his cologne like it was comfort & pain existing in the same moment. Sending love and healing,” said one user. 

“This is the most genuine video I have ever seen. I felt everything you felt, and I don’t know you. God bless you. You are so strong,” one TikToker admired. 

“This is the sweetest and saddest thing I’ve seen,” another viewer mentioned. 

Videos like Irwin’s are reminders that people deal with grief in different ways, and it’s important to support and understand each other through the process of grieving.

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