Son shocks mom with cancer when he suddenly starts shaving his head behind her back: ‘I didn’t want her to feel alone’

A son shocked his mom while shaving her head after chemotherapy, and the footage has gone totally viral.

TikToker and loving son Tycho (@balikroepoek) gained over 22.1 million views and 51,000 comments when he uploaded the video to his account.

Now — much like the 15-year-old son who touched TikTok’s heart when he was caught taking care of his baby sister at 1 a.m. — Tycho’s beautiful love for his family reminds people around the world to cherish their loved ones every single day.

In his now-viral video, Tycho is seen giving his mom a buzz cut as the two stand over a sink.

“My mom had to shave her hair because of chemotherapy,” the son explains with on-screen text.

“But I didn’t want her to feel alone,” he adds, as he unexpectedly turns the razor onto himself.

Suddenly, Tycho buzzes off his long brown locks — and at first, his mom doesn’t seem to notice.

But when she finally realizes what he’s doing, she turns around shocked.

At first, she seems to protest — but eventually, she begins to help him shave.

“Zero regrets, I love you,” Tycho writes before ending his video with a photo of them sporting their new looks together.

As Tycho later explained in the comments, he decided to start raising money for KWF, or the Dutch Cancer Society.

In addition to uploading his TikTok to help spread awareness and raise money, Tycho ran in the Eindhoven Marathon.

“Thank you all for the support,” he wrote.

“I can only hope I raise my boy as strong, loving and selfless as this man…”

Tens of thousands of TikTokers reacted to the emotional video in the comments.

“It is painful seeing a parent battling cancer. I understand so much. What you did for her was so beautiful. You brought me to tears,” one user wrote.

“1) It looks so good on both of you. 2) I wish the best [of] health and luck to your mum,” another user commented.

“Both of you are beautiful. Speedy recovery for your mum,” wrote another.

“I can only hope I raise my boy as strong, loving and selfless as this man. Good job, Mama — you did such a good job,” commented one user.

Thanks to Tycho’s love for his mom, TikTokers around the world have been inspired to hold their loved ones a little tighter.

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