Son shocks mom with grandbaby she’s never met before: ‘You can tell this family was built off of love’

A grandmother got the surprise visit of a lifetime thanks to a little white lie from her son. 

Makenzie Rae Wilson vlogs about mom and family content on TikTok. When her daughter Indie was first born, Wilson and her husband were in a long-distance relationship. That meant that the baby girl was usually with one parent and not the other for months on end.

But that wasn’t the only distance the little one grappled with, as Indie’s grandma lives across the country — and visiting isn’t always easy.

“My little brother just picked us up from the airport,” Wilson wrote in the video caption. “We had to come up with a story to convince my mom to come outside because her grandbaby just flew across the country to surprise her.” 

Her brother called her mother from the car. He told her someone had rear-ended him and sped off. But when the vehicle pulled up, there was no damage in sight. The grandma walked past the car door and was immediately taken aback when she found Indie bundled up in her car seat.

“What?!” the grandmother gasped. “Oh my god. How did this happen?!”  

She took the baby girl out of her seat and gave her a long-overdue embrace. The touching video received 5.3 million views and 1 million likes on TikTok

“You can tell this family was built off of love,” one person said

“Your mom is so sweet and respectful,” another wrote

“She is an actual angel,” a user commented

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