These stylish storage boxes actually double as UV sanitizers

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The COVID-19 pandemic ignited many cultural shifts. Wearing fabric face masks, hoarding any and all hand sanitizers and using UV sanitizing gadgets are now part of daily life.

While we have to give praise to the PhoneSoap as being one of the first consumer sanitizing devices created long before 2020 hit, there’s several new products giving the OG sanitizing device a run for its money.

One of latest gadgets to make your everyday essentials — like your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses and even headphones — germ-free is Sonix’s new UV sanitizing box.

Shop: Sonix Beyond UV+O3 Sanitizing Box Collection, $60+

Credit: Sonix

Sonix’s latest launch is an innovative addition to the current offering of sanitizing devices on the market as it’s large enough to fit several items at once. Plus, it doesn’t just use UV lights to sanitize.

According to the product description, it also uses O3, which is “the environmentally-friendly ozone that acts as an extra layer of sanitation, reaching hard-to-reach crevices and shadows, often missed by traditional UV boxes.”

TL;DR This box’s O3 technology makes it even more powerful to fight germs, as it’s “used in most medical-grade sanitization devices.”

In just 10 minutes, the box eliminates odors, harmful bacteria and viruses off of your items, and it can even prevent “germs from reproducing, multiplying and can even neutralize antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs.'”

Not only is this portable box handy for ensuring your everyday essentials are germ-free, but it includes both a built-in USB-A and USB-C power port to charge your devices while they’re being cleaned.

And because you need options for your sanitizing boxes, Sonix offers seven colorways to match your bedroom or work-from-home decor. Shop our favorites below.

Shop: Sonix Beyond UV+O3 Sanitizing Box in Almond Oil, $60

Credit: Sonix

Shop: Sonix Beyond UV+O3 Sanitizing Box in Gold, $75

Credit: Sonix

Shop: Sonix Beyond UV+O3 Sanitizing Box in Black, $60

Credit: Sonix

Shop: Sonix Beyond UV+O3 Sanitizing Box in Brown Tort, $75

Credit: Sonix

Shop: Sonix Beyond UV+O3 Sanitizing Box in White Croc, $75

Credit: Sonix

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