Sony files patent to turn bananas into gaming controllers

Sony filed a patent for technology that can turn almost anything into a PlayStation controller, even a banana.

The patent was filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office on Feb. 4, as reported. It outlines a system that can “obtain images of passive non-luminous object being held by a user as a video games controller.” In other words, you can scan anything that isn’t shiny and use it as a PlayStation controller.

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Now, you’re probably thinking that this idea is nuts. But you would be wrong — it’s actually bananas.

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Indeed, the inventors chose bananas to demonstrate how this system will work.

Credit: Sony

The document also referenced oranges as possible controller candidates. You can even wield two oranges or bananas at the same time for some dual wielding action.

“The two non-luminous may be of the same type, e.g. a player may hold two bananas — one in each respective hand; or e.g two oranges — one in each respective hand,” the patent reads, describing a controller scheme reminiscent of Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers.

Some veteran gamers noted the similarity to an old PlayStation 3 controller concept that resembled a boomerang. Others, however, were scratching their heads.

“What is this?” a Twitter user asked.

“WHY IN EARTH WOULD ANYONE USE A BANANA TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES!” another added. “Terrible marketing scheme by Sony even tho at this point it’s oddly expected from a Sony who are completely past their prime.”

Another pointed out the hypothetical temptation of getting your daily dose of potassium when playing with a banana controller.

“Better hope you don’t get hungry in the middle of a boss!” the user tweeted. “That controller gonna start looking pretty good.”

Of course, not all patent applications are necessarily feasible. However, there’s certainly precedence for out-of-the-box video game concepts like this.

Nintendo’s Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit uses actual toy race cars and signs to turn IRL spaces into digital racetracks. 

The possibilities aren’t just restricted to fruit. As mentioned before, this theoretical system would be usable on virtually any object that doesn’t have a reflection. The patent also suggested mugs, pens and pencils as some other items that could be converted into controllers.

And even if this patent doesn’t become reality, who knows? It could become the seed that inspires another novel video game patent in the future.

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