Mom tries spooky math trick to see if she’s married to her soulmate: ‘This actually freaked me out’

A mom on TikTok filmed herself trying a spooky math trick — and the results have gone totally viral!

Wife and mom, Vera Rivera (@liveyourvisionvera), wanted to see if her partner was her soulmate, so she decided to put it to the test with a math trick — and according to her video, the results freaked her out.

In the original audio that Vera uses for her video, a mom explains that this formula can prove whether or not you’re with your soulmate.

First, you write down your partner’s age, then add two zeros to the end.

Then, beneath that number, write the year you were born. Subtract the two numbers.

Beneath that sum, write down the current year. Add the two numbers.

If the results are both your age and your partner’s age, then, according to this trick, you’re soulmates!

‘I did it, and it worked. So freaky…’

With 12.8M views and 1.3M likes, Vera’s TikTok racked up thousands of comments — most of which expressed shock at her spooky soulmate trick.

“I’ve been married for 23 years, and this worked!” one user commented.

“It worked for my husband and I! We have been married 22 years!” another user wrote.

“I did it and it worked. So freaky…” wrote another user.

Some people’s results made them rethink their choices. “I got mine exactly but … I just broke up with my ex a month ago,” wrote one user.

Other people’s results seemed to validate their crushes or love interests. “We matched! But sadly, we’re not partners,” one user shared.

But many people weren’t fooled by the trick and insisted it’s just simple math.

“It’s a math trick. It always works out,” one user wrote. To this, Vera replied with a laughing emoji, “Don’t ruin my dreams!”

“Me knowing this is a trick but still not knowing how… This is why I failed math,” wrote one non-mathematical thinker.

Even if it is just a fun party trick, this math problem has TikTokers everywhere thinking about the person they love — and surely, that’s got to amount to something!

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