A TikToker living in the South Pole is going viral after showing off his wild weekly chores

A man living in the South Pole is going viral after sharing the wild challenges behind even his most “mundane” chores. Apparently, taking out the trash is not easy when it’s 70 degrees below zero.

For the past several months, countless TikTokers have sparked intrigue by showing off their bizarre living situations. Users have detailed their lives on a remote, car-less island, in an isolated Arctic town and in an Alaskan town where almost every resident lives in the same building.

Antarctica, however, is something totally different. The continent has zero permanent residents, and only a few thousand researchers live there at any given time.

Josiah Horneman is one of the few. According to Insider, the TikToker is a physician assistant with the 40-person crew at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

On TikTok, Horneman has detailed his strange, distant life at the station. Many of his videos have drawn interest on the app — but a recent one, in particular, seemed to strike many users.

“Even mundane things take more effort here,” Horneman captioned the clip.

In the video, Horneman shows viewers exactly how hard it is to take out the trash when you live at the South Pole. He starts by checking the temperature.

“Woo, negative 70 — pretty chilly right?” he says in the video.


Even mundane things take more effort here… #southpole #antarctica #amundsenscottstation

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Then, Horneman begins a routine that a crew member apparently has to do “several times a week.” He starts by wheeling the trash down a large freight elevator, then through a series of winding tunnels.

He then brings the garbage to the “logistics arch,” where he sorts it into a series of different categories. Then, he explains, the trash is compacted until summer — when it can be safely transported from the station.

As Horneman clarified in the video’s comments, those chambers are all underground — or, as he put it, “under snow.”

TikTokers were blown away by the routine. Many said life in Antarctica was even stranger than they’d imagined.

“What happens if you lose power there?” one user asked.

“This reminds me of a scary movie,” another commenter wrote.

“How are you not shivering?” another asked.

Horneman has tried his best to answer users’ questions. The TikToker has countless videos detailing his life there — featuring everything from ordering from Amazon to dealing with mental health struggles.

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