Here’s how to do the ‘Space Girl’ dance taking TikTok by storm

TikTok is full of some pretty cool dance challenges, but a lot of them can seem impossible for beginners. 

At least one ambitious person even ended up hospitalized trying to pull off TikTok’s “WAP” choreograph, but now there’s finally a dance fit for novices. 

The “Space Girl” dance challenge is here to keep it simple and cute.


it’s chilly but the sky was so beautiful today :,) dc: @papa.squash !!

♬ Space Girl – Frances Forever

TikTok user @angele.tarte helped to popularize this super easy routine in November. I’s playful hand movements are elegant and fluid, but also really accessible. Who doesn’t love a dance that would be just as cool and effective sitting down? 

The TikTok routine uses Frances Forever’s song “Space Girl.” Its lyrics “I saw a lunar eclipse/looked like how I feel bout your lips” coincide with each of the hand signals. 


Reply to @juliaibli_ does this answer ur question

♬ Space Girl – Frances Forever

Peep Frances lipsyncing the words to their own song. The dance was choreographed by the original “Space Girl” Robin, AKA @papa.squash, who is presumably dating Frances.  


Everyone under this sound r soo pretty ahhhh 😫🥺 #fyp

♬ Space Girl – Frances Forever

The “Space Girl” challenge is now super popular amongst those with TikTok’s trendy, cozy and cute “soft aesthetic.” 


here is a Space Girl dance tutorial! STREAM SPACE GIRL AND FRANCES FOREVER’S MUSIC ON SPOTIFY IT BOPS @frances.4ever 💚💙

♬ Space Girl – Frances Forever

First, cross your arms. Then slide them down. Pat your body down four times. Next, use your fingers to make Os over your eyes. Cross, then uncross your arms and roll your arms down, then up. 

Look left. Look right. Stroke your face. Hug yourself. Cover your hands with your mouth and blow a kiss. Yes, it’s really that simple. 

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