TikTok mom reveals 5 brilliant space-saving tips for parents living in small spaces

This TikTok mom shared 5 space-saving baby items that are perfect for small homes!

Dani Morin (@danimorin13) is a new parent who shares parenting hacks, products, and adventures on TikTok. In a recent video, Dani shared 5 space-saving hacks that are ideal for new parents living in homes with limited space. 

In the video, Dani explains that she came up with her hacks because she lives in a “very tiny beach house,” so finding ways to save space was a necessity. She then goes on to share 5 products she has purchased that have made it easier for her to keep her tiny home uncluttered.

The first object Dani shares is a small drying rack that fits against the wall beside her sink. The drying rack is too small for drying pots and pans, but, according to Dani, it’s perfect for baby bottles and breast-feeding gear. 

Next, Dani shows off the collapsible bathtub she uses to bathe her baby. The tub goes over the sink and has a detachable drain that can be removed once your baby is done with their bath. Best of all, it collapses down flat, making it easy to store. 

Then, Dani shares the thin laundry bag she uses in place of a full-sized laundry basket. “I don’t really have room for any of those bulky laundry baskets, so I found this skinny laundry bag,” she explains. “It’s lightweight; it fits right behind my door; and it’s easy to carry down to the wash.”

Dani’s fourth hack involves diaper storage. Frustrated with the bulky boxes her baby’s diapers come in, the space-conscious parent began storing her baby’s diapers in a shoe box beneath her baby’s crib. 

Finally, Dani shows off the foldable car seat caddy she found for her baby. The caddy is perfect, she explains, because it fits right behind her door and is easy to grab before leaving the house. 

‘Where was this video when I was buying things for my baby?’

Viewers jumped into the comments to express their appreciation for Dani’s space-saving hacks. 

“All those items look awesome,” wrote one appreciative TikToker.

“I live in a 900 square foot home and there is not one closet. I need storage ideas,” exclaimed another TikTok user.

“Where was this video when I was buying things for my baby?” lamented another parent who discovered Dani’s hacks a little too late. 

Parents weren’t the only viewers who appreciated Dani’s hacks. 

One childless commenter piped up, asking, “Can you do non-baby items? I’m moving into a small apartment and need to figure out how to save space.”

Keeping small homes organized can be an uphill battle, but Dani is certainly winning the war against clutter!

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