This ‘spaghetti table’ is the internet’s new least favorite recipe ‘hack’

A so-called “spaghetti table” cooking hack has social media users completely freaked out.

Somehow, this isn’t the first time a home chef has gone viral for eating a very normal food item off a very abnormal surface. In the past, social media users have raised eyebrows with their “nacho tables,” their “salt brushes” and their strawberry pizzas.

Thankfully, this latest divisive food is almost certainly a joke. The spaghetti table comes courtesy of a Facebook page called Josh and Lisa, which is known for its bizarre and often absurd food prep videos.

The spaghetti table is no different. In the now-viral clip, which has more than 25 million views, a woman begins by spreading a large jar of pasta sauce out onto a table.

As her camera person “oohs” and “ahhs” in fascination, the woman continues by adding a layer of meatballs to her large countertop. She finishes by adding a lot of parmesan cheese and several piles of fresh-made noodles.

“Yeah, how delicious does this look?” the woman says as she begins to stir the mixture together.

The absurdity of the video makes it feel like a joke — similar to other viral recipes like Nerds Rope spaghetti and “cucumber Wellington,” which seemed designed to draw a reaction. However, that didn’t stop social media users from promptly freaking out about the recipe.

“This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” one Twitter user wrote of the spaghetti table.

“She saved a pan and murdered Italian cuisine,” another added.

Others, meanwhile, recognized the spaghetti table clip as a joke. That said, many still went on to criticize Josh and Lisa for wasting food just to pull a prank.

“This is ridiculous to see someone treating food in this manner, all for likes and retweets,” one user tweeted.

“This vid is obviously satire but it wastes so much food just for attention on social media,” another added.

The viral clip comes amid a recent report in Eater, in which the journalist Ryan Broderick uncovered the source behind many of the internet’s grossest viral food videos. As it turns out, several of them are made on pages owned by the same person.

Broderick reported that Rick Lax, a Vegas magician, has funded several of the Facebook pages where these recipes originate. However, it’s unclear if the Josh and Lisa page has any connection to Lax.

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