Make this Spam fried rice from leftovers the next time you have a takeout craving

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When a fried rice craving overtakes you, it can only be sated by the real thing. But no need to order take-out the next time you have a hankering for this classic comfort food. Learn how to make Spam fried rice in this episode of Cooking Class with Caitlin Sakdalan of Be Fat Be Happy.

Sakdalan prepares the white rice in a Gotham Steel multipurpose pot, adding two parts water to one cup rice.

“To prevent your rice from getting super gloopy and sticky, you want to ensure that you keep your lid on while you’re steaming the rice,” she explains. “This is super important because it will help you get your nice, fluffy white rice.” 

For this recipe, she uses leftover rice from the night before, which is typically recommended for fried rice. 

“Leftover rice is great for fried rice because when it’s fresh rice, that’s how you get it to be super gloopy and sticky,” Sakdalan says. “When you allow it to harden for a day and let it be cold in the fridge, that’s what gets that nice texture back when you’re in the pan frying it.” 

To get started, the chef cooks up chopped Spam in a nonstick frying pan. 

“We’re going to let some of the natural oils and fats come out of this and use that for flavoring our rice,” she stated. “Spam is actually something I grew up eating as a Filipino American. It is a staple dish in every Filipino household.” 

Next, she adds a splash of oil and a lot of minced garlic. When the garlic turns golden, she throws in the leftover white rice and mixes the ingredients using a spatula. 

While she lets it cook, Sakdalan cracks a couple of eggs into a bowl and whisks them. Then Sakdalan pushes the rice to the sides of the pan, creating a hole in the center. After adding a tablespoon of butter, she scrambles the egg into the center. 

“What we want to do is evenly distribute the eggs,” Sakdalan explains. “So we’re going to keep stirring and get it all throughout our rice.” 

To finish the dish, she adds sesame oil, soy sauce, peas and carrots to the pan. Sakdalan places the Spam fried rice in a serving platter — and its ready to go. 

“We just took a plain white rice and made a super simple but super delicious fried rice,” Sakdalan said. “It’s a completely different dish that you can eat any time of day.” 

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