Special mat can help burn calories, reduce anxiety and add motion to your workday

Standing may have gotten a lot more interesting. 

At least that’s what one Kickstarter is aiming for with its Stoic device. It’s a science-backed, active standing mat inspired by nature. Designed to be used while working, the Stoic can add motion, balance, strength training, massage therapy and anxiety relief to the otherwise static movement of standing and staring at your laptop

“As soon as you stand on Stoic, you’ll realize what your body has actually been craving,” the Kickstarter says. “The naturally uneven surfaces stretch and strengthen over 100 muscles, 30 joints and 26 bones that make up your feet.”

The organic shapes, peaks and grooves of the Stoic mat encourage the feet to engage in motion while typing at your standing desk, chopping veggies at the kitchen counter or during your workout. 

The Stoic mat comes with numerous surface options, each based on nature. There’s the Flathead River rock, Redwood Forest wood and a bed of nails. In addition, each Stoic also has a balance beam fixed at the center that ranges in difficulty. The mat also has pop-in fidgets like balls you can shuffle around with your feet that provide massage and soothe restless legs.

“Without movement, muscles tighten, tendons and ligaments stiffen and your metabolism becomes disrupted,” the Kickstarter says. “Stoic adds back natural levels of activity to your day which means you’ll stimulate blood flow, improve joint health and mobility, stretch and strengthen muscles in your feet, knees and legs, maintain good posture, increase flexibility and even lose weight.”

While the Kickstarter has already over-funded it’s modest $50,000 goal with over $577,000 in pledges, there’s still time to back the project. 

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