All of TikTok can see this guy’s SPF application, thanks to club bathroom lighting

A man’s sunscreen application became very apparent during an outing in Amsterdam, according to a TikTok by his friend.

TikToker Jack Remmington (@jackremmington) noticed his friend’s face glowing under the UV lights in a club bathroom. The video also showed remnants of sunscreen on the friend’s hands, which were bright white under the lighting.


The level of respect I have for him sticking it out

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“When your friend wears a little too much SPF moisturizer to the club in Amsterdam, and there are UV lights in the bathroom,” the TikTok’s caption read.

The friend’s SPF shows up white because good sunscreen — and proper application — will prevent your skin from absorbing UV light.

While Remmington also compared his friend’s look to Mrs. Doubtfire, diehard skincare enthusiasts flocked to the video to praise the friend’s SPF application.


Reply to @cameronshorter1 Allow me to introduce Mrs Doubtfire ♥️

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“He will look 24 when he’s 54, and he’ll be the one laughing then,” one commenter said.

“You won’t be laughing in 30 years when he’s looking younger than y’all,” another agreed.

Remmington even seemed shocked in the comments that people wanted to know the brand name of the SPF his friend was using.

“You really saw this vid and said let me cop that specific brand that’s making him look like The Scream?” he asked.

“YES,” someone replied. “As a skincare addict, it’s good to know the products that work.”

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