TikToker shares surprising spice hack

TikToker Shai (@straitjacket_hugs) shared a brilliantly simple hack that will change the way you season food.

Shai (@straitjacket_hugs) is a TikToker and artist who shares videos about their life and art. Shai recently went viral when they took to TikTok to share a simple hack for getting spices out of the container. In the video, which has racked up 4.6 million views and counting, Shai shows how they twist the top of a spice container to more easily control the amount of spices they add to food.

The video begins with Shai standing in their kitchen holding a plastic container of Italian seasoning. “I gotta show you something,” they say, holding the spice container up to the camera.

“So, we all know these cheap seasonings, right?” they ask. “Shaking it kind of sucks.”

Shai demonstrates, shaking the spice container and watching as a large quantity of Italian seasoning pours out everywhere and then stops. They show how, by simply shaking the container, it’s difficult to control the amount of spice that pours onto your food

Then Shai reveals their hack. They grasp the plastic top of the spice container by its edges and twist it back and forth. “If you just hold it and twist it,” they say. “Oh my God.”

As Shai twists it back and forth, small quantities of the spice fall out of the container. Now the amount of spice added to food is easier to control. Rather than having no control over the spice when they shook the container, Shai’s new method allows them to easily moderate the amount of spice they want.

“Feeling like a professional chef”

Viewers were amazed by the shockingly simple hack. 

“I’ve learned more on this app than I have in 35 years,” one impressed viewer wrote.

“TikTok University did it again,” commented another TikToker.

“Feeling like a professional chef with my $1 seasoning,” wrote another viewer. 

Shai’s hack is perfect for anyone who has ever experienced frustration with their store-bought spice containers!   

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