‘Spider-Man’ tickets are going for thousands on eBay

The rush to buy Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets crashed multiple websites — a norm for most Marvel movies — and now scalpers are turning to eBay to resell the tickets for ridiculous prices.

Tickets for the highly anticipated film came out on Nov. 28 and by the next morning, sites like AMC and Fandango were up and running again. Fandango even announced that presales for Spider-Man were the best the site had seen since Avengers: Endgame in 2019.

Now scalpers have taken advantage of the excitement and are reselling tickets for tens of thousands of dollars on eBay and fans are not happy.

“It makes me feel a bit frustrated knowing how many real fans of the character will have to miss out on the first showings of the movie due to people using our love and passion for this franchise to make some quick money,” Andres Bornacelli, a Spider-Man cosplayer with over 44,000 followers on Instagram, told In The Know.

While a decent amount of the listings are for early viewings on Dec. 16, a number of them are for days after the release. This one post, for example, is selling two IMAX tickets for an 11 p.m. showing on Dec. 18 for $4,999 — a full day after the movie comes out.

There are some sellers who are more reasonable — this user is selling two tickets for the very first showing in IMAX for $152 and, as of writing this article, has 34 bidders — but it’s still an astronomical amount of money for a movie that will be in theaters for roughly four weeks before being available on streaming platforms that most people are already paying for.

Social media users and Spider-Man fans were stunned by the prices, which begs the question: Who exactly is willing to shell out $152 for a movie?

“Good f****** lord people, it’s literally just a movie,” one person commented on an Instagram post.

“You could just… wait a week to see it?” another added.

“Who in their right mind would pay that much for a ticket as opposed to waiting a day or two to get a different showtime?” someone asked.

There is a small silver lining for fans — it’s clear that interest in Spider-Man is back.

“I do think it’s nice to see so much universal enthusiasm around a character that I adore,” Bornacelli explained. “There were a few years where the general interest in the Spider-Man films seemed to really decline, so seeing it regain its place as the leading Marvel franchise makes me proud to be a fan, and scalpers being able to create a market around the hype for the movie completely proves that its popularity is rising back.”

To add to the drama, AMC also announced on Nov. 28 that the first 86,000 AMC members who reserved tickets for the Dec. 16 showing of Spider-Man would also get an “eco-friendly” Spider-Man NFT. With how excited people were to see the movie, and the precedent set by previous Marvel movies crashing the AMC site, it’s unclear whether the NFT had any impact on sales.

AMC’s emphasis on “eco-friendly” comes as more and more people realize how NFTs require a ton of energy to maintain, which releases a massive amount of greenhouse gases.

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