Spirit Airlines passenger claims she was left stranded at airport

A Spirit Airlines passenger took to TikTok to claim that the airline never notified her about a departure change, which left her stranded at a Las Vegas airport.

The New York Times reported that there has been a significant increase in travel bookings in recent weeks for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. With that increase seemingly comes an increase in frustration with traveling hiccups.

In the video, Kaley Reed (@kaleyreed_) said that she showed up for her 4:00 p.m. flight at 2:45 p.m. and was told at check-in that the plane had already left.

“They were like, ‘You cannot check in, you missed your flight,'” Reed alleged Spirit employees told her. “I’m like, ‘Ha, what do you mean? My 4 o’clock flight? It’s only like 3 o’clock at this time.'”


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The employee then told Reed to check her email and she said that at 3:02 p.m. she did receive an email from Spirit saying that the flight time had been moved up to 3 p.m.

“That’s two minutes — two f****** minutes — after the plane already left,” she said. “Of course, nobody made the f****** plane, we’re in line, we’ve talked to at least 15 people. There’s people screaming at them.”

At the time of filming, Reed said that nobody had been refunded or compensated.

“There’s no flights to our destination tonight on any airline,” she added. “There’s not another one until three days from now.”

In a follow-up video, that looks like it was posted two days after the initial TikTok, Reed alleged she could not reach anyone at Spirit Airlines except by tagging them on Instagram.

“They DMed me, they were like, ‘We’re so sorry this happened, please send us your confirmation number,'” Reed claimed. “I literally replied, sent them the confirmation number and they ghosted me.”

Reed mentioned that she called her credit card company to file the missed flight charge as fraudulent, which the credit card company approved — meaning she did get her money back.

“My husband missed two days of work, we had to buy a hotel, we had to buy Ubers, we had to buy food,” she added about the two extra days waiting for the next flight. “We have a dog — my sister had to keep watching our dog for us.”

In The Know contacted both Spirit Airlines and Reed for comment, but has not heard back from either.

“This is insane, never f****** fly Spirit,” Reed concluded.

Reed’s video racked up almost 6 million views and over 16,000 comments — mostly from people poking fun at the airline and sharing their own travel stories.

“She said ‘check your email’ while she was writing it,” one person joked.

“One time Spirit did a literal U-turn in the sky and took us back to where we came from,” someone claimed.

“The fact that Spirit is still an operating business baffles me,” another said.

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