Star Wars: Republic Commando now on Nintendo Switch

Star Wars: Republic Commando, dubbed one of the greatest Star Wars games ever made by fans, is now on the Nintendo Switch.

The enhanced version of the game was released on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on April 6. It was ported by game studio Aspyr, which has already remastered a number of older Star Wars games such as the Star Wars: Jedi Knight series for modern platforms.

Since its original release in 2005, Republic Commando has been hailed as an instant classic for its tactical gameplay and unique premise. Back in those days, most Star Wars content has revolved around the stories and experiences of the Jedi.

Republic Commando subverted that trope by featuring Delta Squad, a four-man team of elite clone commandos fighting in the Clone Wars depicted in the prequel trilogy. Players took on the role of RC-1138 (voiced by Temuera Morrison himself) as he leads his brother squadmates through various special ops missions across the galaxy.

In line with this theme, the game had a more grounded and realistic take on combat. Unlike previous Star Wars games which featured dazzling lightsaber duels and fast-paced gunslinging, Republic Commando emphasized precision and small unit tactics.

Basically, it was a Star Wars military sim. Because of that, it also portrayed a much darker version of the Star Wars universe where Wookiees towered over soldiers and battle droids are methodical killers rather than comically inept. The galaxy is a much scarier place if you aren’t a space wizard who can crush someone’s throat with a gesture.

This novel approach along with its focus on the experiences of regular soldiers is why the game still has a cult following, despite never getting a sequel.

“I’ve played about an hour and a half so far and wow it really feels like a game ahead of its time and its not easy at all,” one fan said on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Republic Commando isn’t a very long game and the story is quite linear. You won’t find much reason to return to it after finishing the game, but if you haven’t played it (or you want to get a copy on the go), it’s well worth the price.

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