Starbucks barista reveals one of the ‘strangest’ drink orders he’s ever received

A Starbucks barista on TikTok just revealed one of the “strangest” drinks he has ever made.

The video, shared by user @kenmixtape, is part of a larger TikTok trend where baristas share their struggles to keep up with increasingly complicated drink orders. Thanks to the popularity of viral TikTok Starbucks drinks like an apple pie Frappuccino, a Kinder Bueno drink and a matcha chai latte, some baristas have said their jobs are getting harder.

In recent months, Starbucks employees shared an alleged custom drink order that was too complex for a single cup, along with a 64-ounce order of espresso and half-and-half.

By comparison, @kenmixtape’s video is a little tamer. In fact, his clip had many users saying they wanted to try the drink themselves.


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According to @kenmixtape’s clip, the drink is essentially a cross between a vanilla bean frappuccino and a caramel macchiato. The order starts with the barista making the popular frappuccino before adding a double shot of hot espresso over the top — plus some caramel drizzle.

“Would y’all order this?” @kenmixtape captioned his video.

The answer to that question, it seemed, was a resounding yes. Many users said they were confused about why @kenmixtape thought the drink was “strange.”

“That’s not strange at all,” one user wrote.

“Hi, Starbucks barista here! This is not a complicated drink to make, so please don’t feel weird ordering it!” another added.

“I mean, this looks so good to me,” another wrote.

As it turns out, the drink is pretty common in some areas. Starbucks in Singapore, for example, actually has a caramel macchiato frappuccino on its menu.

Other baristas wrote in the comments that they’d seen customers order the drink before at their own stores. In fact, the order is pretty similar to an affogato, an Italian dessert featuring ice cream topped with hot espresso.

But some users still felt self-conscious about the idea of ordering it.

“Will I sound weird ordering this?” one user asked.

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