Starbucks barista shares video of customer’s ‘crazy’ custom drink order

A Starbucks barista is going viral after sharing a customer’s wild variation on the chain’s popular Strawberry Cream Frappuccino.

The barista, @angie.theredlight, originally posted a video of the clip to show how bizarre the order seemed. However, she seemingly stumbled upon an issue affecting Starbucks fans everywhere.

It’s just the latest TikTok to give a behind-the-scenes look at life working for the coffee chain. Recently, baristas have also shared what happens when they accidentally order too much coffee, and how to save money on popular drink items.

The video from @angie.theredlight, meanwhile, shows how a customer ordered a grande Strawberry Cream Frappuccino with 2 percent milk and no strawberry purée. As the barista explained in her caption, since the drink originally comes with no coffee or espresso in it, that’s basically like ordering “blended milk with classic syrup.”


for anyone who doesn’t understand …. it’s literally blended milk with classic syrup 😅 #ShowUsYourDrawers #starbucks #fyp #frappuccino

♬ we are all confused – cindy lu ❥

Many TikTokers were totally confounded by the drink, which some called a “crazy” waste of money.

“They paid $5 for milk,” one user wrote.

“I’m convinced people order to just order,” another added.

The comments resurfaced a recurring debate about the relationship between Starbucks baristas and the viral custom drinks made popular by so many TikTok users. Many have used the app to complain about overly elaborate orders. Some have even said the TikTok drink trend is “designed” to get them fired.

However, some commenters offered an alternate explanation for @angie.theredlight’s strange drink order. Several baristas claimed they’d seen the exact customization before — suggesting it was possibly due to a “glitch” in Starbucks’ mobile app.

“The same thing happened to me at work,” one user wrote.

“This is a glitch in the app!” another added. “They probably still want the purée, it just randomly shows up like that sometimes.”

For what it’s worth, the drink in @angie.theredlight’s video was from a mobile order. It’s tough to know for sure what happened, but regardless, a cup of frothy sweet milk isn’t the worst drink to end up with.

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