Starbucks barista leaves flirty ‘secret message’ for customer on cup

A Starbucks customer got something extra (and unexpected) with her order during a recent trip to the popular coffee shop chain.

On Oct. 26, TikTok user Ashley Wilkins went to Starbucks to grab a pick-me-up (something pumpkin-flavored, naturally). However, when she got home, she realized that her barista had left her a “secret message” on her cup and decided to share it with her followers.

“Well this [happened] today!!” Wilkins said in the video. She then turned her cup to reveal that “Starbucks Steve,” as she nicknamed her barista, had unabashedly scrawled “SECRET MESSAGE” on the top of the cup with an arrow pointing to the bottom. There, Starbucks Steve creatively blocked out some of the words in Starbucks’ warning about the temperature of the beverages to read: “Careful, you’re extremely hot.”


New Level of pick up line! 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

♬ Happy Laughing – Sound Effect

“No you just didn’t Starbucks Steve,” Wilkins remarked after revealing the hidden message. “WTF!”

“New level of pick-up line!” she joked in the caption.

In the comments, fellow TikTok users were divided about Starbucks Steve’s flirtatious message.

Some people commended the barista for taking a chance.

“Starbucks Steve is smooooth,” one person said.

“What a legend,” another added.

Others found the “secret message” to be slightly odd.

“Imagine sitting alone with a marker doing this,” one person remarked.

“If this was in Sweden he would [have] been arrested for harassment,” another claimed.

“Creepy,” a third added.

Sadly for Starbucks Steve, Wilkins revealed in the comments that she is happily married and even has a child. Her husband was even at Starbucks with her when the barista hit on her. Better luck next time!

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