TikToker claims they accidentally bit into moldy Starbucks cake pop

A TikToker is claiming that they bit into a Starbucks cake pop with mold in it, and the sight has commenters threatening to swear off the popular menu item.

TikTok is home to many, many videos exposing some not-so-appetizing secrets about popular chains — like how McDonald’s makes its onions or how Subway prepares its steak or “tuna.” But in this case, it wasn’t an employee filming the cake pop. It was allegedly a customer, and 5 million people tuned in.

User @teabezel28 uploaded the video on May 2, which showed a half-eaten cake pop. Beneath the pink frosting shell appeared to be several bluish-green spots of mold, which @teabezel28 joked were “not chocolate chips.”

The clarification was necessary, as several commenters initially thought the spots were Funfetti.


Uh that’s not chocolate chips … Starbucks what’s good? 🧐 #fypシ #fyp #starbucks #mold

♬ original sound – Agnes Solaru

“Why was my mouth watering?” one commenter asked. “I didn’t realize there was mold, BYE.”

There was no wrapping to prove that this was, in fact, a Starbucks cake pop. However, @teabezel28 added, “Starbucks, what’s good?” to the caption and also included the coffee chain in the video’s hashtags.

“No I just ate one yesterday while driving and didn’t bother to look,” one user wrote. “Now I’m all stressed.”

“As a Starbucks barista, I would not go to that Starbucks [again],” another added. “I don’t know how that happens at ALL. They are prepackaged and should get thrown out every two [days].”

“Yeah seriously,” @teabezel28 replied. “My gut told me to look before I swallowed what I bit off and sure enough…”

The video got so much traction on the platform that the official Starbucks TikTok account commented two days after @teabezel28 posted.

“We’re concerned and want to learn more so we can make it right,” Starbucks commented, adding their corporate number for contact.

After that, a lot of commenters started joking that @teabezel28 was about to get a lot of “hush money.”

“Looks like you’re getting a free college tuition,” one user said.

It remains to be determined whether the apparently moldy cake pop was actually sold by Starbucks or not.

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