What is a ‘Starbucks cup adult?’ TikTok teases holiday enthusiasts

TikTok is roasting your obsession with Starbucks holiday cups

Starbucks has released a new set of collectible holiday cups for 24 years. Much like every product that has limited-edition versions, some people seem to go absolutely nuts for the annual tumblers and mugs. There’s a certain sect of TikTok that adores the coffee company. They share recipes, secret menu items and hacks. Then there’s the other sect that despises not the company as much as its fans. With Starbucks running out of cups due to high demand, people on TikTok have started making fun of the seasonal hoarders. 

What are Starbucks holiday cups? 

Starbucks began releasing limited-edition reusable cups in 1997. Its signature cup is typically red and each year there’s a new design featuring the color. The coffee company also releases its line of tumblers and mugs in other holiday colors and patterns. In 2021, the cups featured shimmering ribbons and stars in four different iterations. 

What are “Starbucks cup adults” on TikTok?

Simply using a Starbucks cup does not mean you’re a Starbucks cup adult. The term is reserved more for people whose interest in the cups rises to the level of fanaticism. These grownups are often compared to Disney Adults, millennial adults who are as obsessed with Disney properties as children — if not more obsessed. 

TikToker Melissa Marchant is the perfect example. In a video, she showed off her massive Starbucks cup collection that took up an entire wall in her home

TikTokers roast “Starbucks cup adults” 

People like @splishsplashsky have taken to TikTok to vent their frustrations about the Starbucks cup lovers. 

“I think Starbucks cups adults are scarier than Disney adults,” she said eating soup dumplings. “Why are you taking 20 cups? I don’t understand.” 


@ people buying like 15 tumblers at a time do you actually use them or do they sit in your kitchen cupboards #starbuckscups #starbucks

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“I think Starbucks cups adults are scarier than Disney adults,” @juliasyrek said. “People buying like 15 tumblers at a time, do you actually use them or do they sit in your kitchen cupboards?” 

“They usually go hand in hand. Nothing scarier than the bedazzled Starbucks cup with the Disney shirt,” a user commented

“Why can’t you guys let anyone enjoy anything ever?” another said.

“I’m a Starbucks cup adult but I buy one for my collection and that’s it. The people who buy 15 are reselling and making three times what they spent,” someone explained

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