Starbucks Spider-Man is the real hero we need

A TikTok user is going viral for making quite an impression on a group of Starbucks employees.

The user, @who_is_jackie, has built up a reputation for pulling off elaborate pranks at the coffee chain, most of which involve her showing up to the drive-thru in an outlandish costume.

Her latest stunt might be her greatest yet — unless you’re one of the workers at her local Starbucks, that is.

In a video shared on Nov. 11, the TikToker rolled up to the Starbucks drive-thru dressed as Spider-Man.

@Who_is_jackie didn’t just dress up, though: She fully committed. The TikToker took the heroic step of climbing on top of her car to place her order.


Spidey at the starbies drive thru ##starbucks ##coffee ##coldbrew ##car ##spiderman ##WIP ##marvel

♬ original sound – who is jackie🤔

It should go without saying that you should not try this at home (please leave the car-climbing to actual superheroes). Thankfully, @who_is_jackie’s prank seemed to go off without incident — and she left the employees perfectly freaked out.

“Oh hell no. Hell no,” the employee at the window says. “This wasn’t what I expected when I came into Starbucks [today].”

The drive-thru workers seemed to get past their surprise though, ultimately playing along with @who_is_jackie’s prank.

“Hey, keep saving the city, alright?” the employee says as he hands the TikToker her coffee.

TikTok users had plenty of reactions to share with @who_is_jackie, most of which involved some combination of shock and hilarity.

“THE DEDICATION PLEASE,” one user wrote.


Who_is_jackie followed up in the comments, assuring TikTok that her pranks would “never” stop.

“Is there a problem?” she asked one commenter who simply wrote, “LMAO GIRL WHAT.”

At this point, @who_is_jackie has become somewhat of a Starbucks celebrity, thanks to her increasingly elaborate drive-thru pranks. In one of her most popular videos, she pulls up the window dressed as Harry Styles, complete with a “Watermelon Sugar” hat.


Harry Styles at Starbies drive thru ##starbucks ##drivethru ##coffee ##coldbrew ##car ##harrystyles ##harry ##MyRecommendation

♬ original sound – who is jackie🤔

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