Here’s how to get TikTok’s new favorite ‘secret’ Starbucks drink order

Starbucks’ Shamrock Tea is TikTok’s new favorite drink order — but you won’t see it on the menu.

It seems like a different TikTok Starbucks drink goes viral every week. In the last few months alone, the app has sent customers rushing to the chain to order beverages modeled after Kinder Bueno candy, the Disney movie Moana and even their favorite Pokémon.

Of course, all of these drinks are custom, off-menu items. TikTokers have taken to ordering the custom drinks through a variety of alterations and substitutions — much to the chagrin of some baristas.

The Shamrock Tea is no different. The green tea-based, St. Patrick’s Day-themed drink is currently going viral on the app. And thankfully, it seems pretty easy to order.


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According to one video of the order, posted by user @starbucksisbae, the Shamrock Tea begins with an iced venti green tea latte.

Customers are then supposed to modify the drink with coconut milk instead of regular milk and ask for a small splash of lemonade added in. Lastly, the drink gets topped off with two scoops of vanilla bean powder.

The Shamrock Tea is trending just days after McDonald’s released its seasonal Shamrock Shake. That said, the minty beverage, which fast food lovers have some very strong feelings about, doesn’t have much in common with this Starbucks tea.

Also, if the Shamrock Tea doesn’t float your boat, don’t worry. There are quite literally several hundred TikTok-famous Starbucks drinks (and In The Know has even rounded up 15 of our favorites).

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