Starbucks fans are freaking out over ‘secret’ superhero-themed TikTok drink

A Starbucks Spider-Man drink is taking TikTok by storm, leaving millions of coffee and comic book fans with questions about how to get it.

The “secret” menu item comes courtesy of Starbucks barista @targetcafe.2113. The TikToker frequently posts viral recipes to her page, but the Starbucks Spider-Man drink seemed to strike a major chord.

At this point, a TikTok Starbucks drink going viral isn’t anywhere near uncommon. On the app, users have shared their custom orders for drinks inspired by Pokémon, Kinder Beuno candy, the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake and even the bizarre “nature’s cereal” trend.

Still, that makes it all the more impressive that @targetcafe.2113’s creation has drawn nearly 5 million views. Her custom-made drink, inspired by the web-slinging hero, starts as a red and black-colored Frappuccino.


Reply to @kenzy_ortiz comment ur fav spider-man! mine is tom holland 😜 #DontSweatIt #target #starbucks #marvel #spiderman #disney #food #tomholland

♬ Sunflower (From “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”) – Original Soundtrack

To make the Starbucks Spider-Man drink, the barista adds oat milk to the first fill line, then pours in strawberry purée. Then she adds one pump of mocha flavor, three pumps of raspberry syrup and four scoops of java chips.

She then adds the chain’s cream base and a Venti scoop of ice. Then, she blends the drink and adds it to a cup lined with even more strawberry purée. After that, she tops it off with whipped cream and a mocha drizzle.

TikTok users were extremely praiseworthy of the creation. Many said they couldn’t wait to try ordering it.

“That looks so good,” one user wrote.

“I need this,” another added.

“They should sell this everywhere,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, other superhero-loving Starbucks fans used the opportunity to ask @targetcafe.2113 for more comic-themed drinks — including ones inspired by Thor, Loki and Superman.

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