Startling number of geese flock together for beach trip

It seems like everyone is headed to the beach these days.

TikTok user morankaylee shared a video from her latest trip to the salty shore. She was joined by a flock of unexpected guests — and they weren’t tourists.

Dozens of geese, also known as a gaggle, walked in formation across the sand to the ocean as onlookers looked on with amazement.

It’s not unusual for geese to move together in a large group like this. According to Audobon, traveling in a pack keeps the birds safe from predators.

Though it’s not clear what moved the geese to walk toward the water at this instance, it likely had something to do with food.

Geese can become aggressive when they feel that their eggs or goslings are threatened, but there’s no cause for concern if you stay a safe distance away like this TikTok user did.

The encounter left commenters fascinated.

“i love it but I’m also terrified,” one user wrote.

“i would cry. i would literally start crying i can’t handle this,” another said.

“Something is calling them, something beyond our comprehension,” a third joked.

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