Stay-at-home mom reminds moms to take time for themselves

This stay-at-home mom shared a clever makeover video to remind moms to take time for themselves! 

TikToker Ashtin Wallace (@ashtinnwallace) is a stay-at-home parent who recently posted a video of herself before and after a day of me-time to remind other moms that it’s important to take time for themselves. 

The clip begins with the caption, “Start this video as a tired mama and finish it after taking a day for yourself,” over a shot of Wallace wearing a grey sweatshirt, no makeup, and a messy top knot, looking off-camera with an exasperated facial expression.

With the magic of TikTok editing and Wallace’s camera skills, the video cuts to a shot of the mom’s glow-up after a day of pampering. The grey sweatshirt has been replaced with a cute denim jacket over a black tank top. 

Instead of a messy bun, Wallace sports a silky blowout and a beautiful sun-kissed makeup look. Small gold hoops and a delicate gold chain necklace complete this fun and fresh ensemble. 

As opposed to the last shot, Wallace is feeling this get-up. She “smizes” at the camera as though the world is her runway.

Wallace made the video intending to show other moms that by taking a day to self-indulge, the world can be their runway too. 

However, the clip stirred up some viewers who were quick to mention that they don’t even get one day to themselves.

“Wait, y’all are getting a whole day to yourself?!?!?! I can’t even find an hour,” shared one busy parent. 

“I seriously thought you were going to transition into the same because what moms get a day to themselves?! Lol, 15 minutes maybe. A day!! In our dreams,” mentioned another tired mom. 

Despite the critics, others quickly came to Wallace’s defense. 

“I’m sorry these comments are so full of ‘pick-me’s.’ I’m with you, girl. I would’ve run away from my house if I never got any time to myself,” encouraged one viewer. 

It’s essential to take time for yourself, whether or not you’re a parent. It can be difficult for many people to accept the fact that self-care is not selfish, but instead, making yourself a priority gives you the time to re-charge so you can focus on being the best parent possible.

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