Stay at this luxury cave nestled in the Ozark Mountains

Most people don’t imagine a cave as a dream vacation home. But Beckham Creek Cave has transformed the natural occurrence into a luxurious space.

The Arkansas cave has quite a colorful history as it is. Not only is it a 5,800-square-foot cavern, but humans have used it for over a century at least. Local legend has it that Jesse James and his gang used it to hideout in the mountains. In the 1920s it was taken over by prohibition-subverting bootleggers. While in the 1980s it became a bomb shelter, it would later serve as a celebrity nightclub and even a bordello.

Today its owners have made it a comfortable little palace where anyone can pass through. The lodge manager, Rayne Davidson gave In The Know a tour of the unique vacation house.

“We wanted to blend the cave with the furniture so everything is custom made you see,” Davidson explained.

About $1 million dollars and three years were spent on renovating the cave’s interior, which has four bedrooms and four baths.

The living room is fitted with amenities like couches, wi-fi and a flatscreen TV. It’s also home to the cave’s highlight, the Spanish Piano Waterfall, which has an underground spring that’s been redirected to provide water for the property. The custom kitchen, with a six-burner stove, is a necessity since you’ll be doing all the cooking yourself in the isolated area.

Above the cooking area, there’s a cozy nook that overlooks the entire cave with natural lighting. Finally, the romantic honeymoon suite has a love nest surrounded by a circle of stalactites, along with another king-sized bed.

“You have to come see us because pictures don’t do us justice,” Davidson said.

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