Get a full-body workout while playing video games with this unique fitness gadget

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No matter what your fitness goals may be, setting aside time to move your body away from a screen or desk can make all the difference in your overall health and mood. And because at-home workouts might be part of your everyday routine now more than ever, having the right equipment on hand at home is key.

If you don’t want to spend thousands on a Peloton bike, there are other ways to get in a sweat at home. Surprisingly, Amazon offers more helpful fitness equipment than you would think.

Some of Amazon’s best-selling fitness equipment includes a compact elliptical, a squat-assist machine. However, one of the internet’s latest finds, the Stealth Fitness Core Trainer, allows you to play games while you perfect a plank.

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Yes, this exercise-gaming combination might sound strange at first. But if you need some motivation to get you through a 30-second or even a three-minute plank, this might be your new favorite fitness gadget.

Doing variations of plank workouts can help activate more than 29 different muscles in your body. It’s one of the easiest and most beneficial bodyweight exercises you can do. And with the Stealth Fitness Core Trainer, you play smartphone games with your body movements.

Once downloading the Stealth Fitness app, place your phone in the middle of the device. Then, select from four games to play (Stealth Speed Gliding, Color Chase, Galaxy Adventure or Space Escape).

You’ll use your core to move in different angles to control all the games’ actions. With this gadget, you can complete a workout in under three minutes.

Credit: Amazon

And with more than 1,000 reviews and counting, the trainer is becoming a best-selling device on Amazon. Even though some reviewers think the device is a bit gimmicky, it’s the gimmick that motivates wanting to get a work out in.

“Sure, I can do a normal plank for free [since] it only takes access to a flat surface. But I don’t,” one shopper said. “I go for this multiple times a day because it’s fun. The gamification makes me actually do the exercise, and that alone makes it worth it for me.”

While the device recommends completing three minutes per day, most users will start slow with 30 to 45 seconds to start. However, reviewers report you’ll still feel the burn all over.

“It really works your abs, back of arms and shoulders!” another reviewer said. “I can also feel it in my butt and back of the thighs. I thought it was a little pricey, but it definitely worked, so overall I am happy with it. I have to do the beginner pose right now because the advanced pose was just way too unstable, but I still feel the burn with the beginner pose.”

Before you give up on exercising at home, there are gadgets like the Stealth Fitness Core Trainer that can help, and the reviews prove it.

And if you want to see the trainer in action, be sure to watch the video above.

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