What are steering wheel buddies and why are they all over TikTok?

TikTok has started another plush toy craze. Stuffed animals appear to be the hottest trend this year. 

But people aren’t rushing into department stores to get their hands on Beanie Babies the time around — and no, not even Squishmallows. Steering wheel buddies are the new plush toy du jour. The tiny, cute and colorful plushies are made to add a whimsical touch to your car’s interior. Here’s why people can’t stop buying them. 

What are steering wheel buddies? 

Steering wheel buddies, also known as “cutie cuffs”, are plush toys specially designed to cling onto car steering wheels. Some people also wear them as bracelets

Disney has recently collaborated with Target on a line of steering wheel buddies called Disney cutie cuffs. The toys come in the form of popular Disney characters. However, consumers don’t know which character they get before they open up the Disney cutie cuff package

The Disney characters available include Finding Nemo’s Squirt, Frozen’s Olaf, Lilo and Stich’s Stich, Tangled’s Pascal, along with Minnie and Mickey Mouse. 

Disney cutie cuffs don’t appear to be sold online, only at Target’s brick and mortar stores. They are however being resold on sites like eBay. The frenzy to get a hold of steering wheel buddies may have had something to do with TikTok

Steering wheel buddies take over TikTok 

People are sharing videos of themselves running to Target to get their hands on a steering wheel buddy and it has caused a bit of a craze. The hashtag #steeringwheelbuddy has 6.8 million views, while #cutiecuff has 7.9 million views. 

“Saw this on TikTok and RAN to Target,” @bruhhitslex said in a video

She opened up a Disney cutie cuff package and got the plush toy she wanted of Squirt. 

The user @tonicandchronic managed to get Squirt, Olaf, Stich and Pascal after a couple of Target visits. 

“For only $3 I now have a forever friend,” a TikToker said after a trip to Target where they picked up a plush robot steering wheel buddy.

But @giraffenipple decided to skip Target and head over to Walmart to peep their selection. She was able to pick up Hello Kitty steering wheel buddies by Sanrio for $6. 

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