‘As someone with a wonderful stepdad, this truly made me smile’: Mom captures husband’s loving relationship with her son

Unfortunately, not all stepparents are created equal. But if you’re lucky enough to dodge one of the so-called “wicked” ones, it can be life-changing. 

TikTok mom @bean3535 shared how her husband impacted the life of her son. She met her now-husband Frankie online. She was sure to be upfront about having a kid. Frankie didn’t seem to mind, and the two started dating. But Frankie wasn’t only falling in love with her. 


Your daily reminder that rainy days are temporary ❤️ #fyp

♬ Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

“Your daily reminder that rainy days are temporary,” the caption read

The mother shared a montage of Frankie and her son. Frankie went from being her boyfriend to being her husband and her son’s stepfather. He and the boy are now inseparable, and their adventures are plentiful, from cuddling to wrestling and trips to the beach to matching Halloween costumes. 

The video received 2.6 million views. TikTokers admired the stepfather and son’s relationship. 

“As a kid raised by my stepdad, I can’t even describe with words what a gift you are to this kid,” a person commented

“This TikTok made me want to be a better man. Good work,” a user replied.

“As someone with a wonderful stepdad, this truly made me smile,” a TikToker said

“And now they’re best friends,” another wrote

“Aww. He got to fall in love with two people! Lucky man!” someone added

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