Woman mistakes stranger’s pet for her own: ‘I stole someone’s cat’

A woman was certain her cat had escaped from home. Then, she stole someone else’s kitty. 

TikToker @km.queenx might have started her career as a catnapper by accident. In a hilarious video, the pet owner got caught up in a confusing case of mistaken identity. She was sure she discovered her cat “on the loose” and retrieved him in her car. But when she got home, she found George there, minding his business. 

“George, I thought you were on the loose. I have a cat in my car,” she told her gray tabby cat in the video. 

George meowed and wandered up and down some stairs. Then, the pet owner went out to her car, where she found another gray tabby cat that looked just like George. The — surely confused — feline was meowing and climbing on the car seats. 

“I stole someone’s cat. That’s not George. Why does that look like George? I stole someone’s cat,” she said, laughing maniacally. 

A follow-up video revealed that the mystery cat is still in her care. She discovered the doppelganger cat in her townhouse complex and remains certain that if the kitty isn’t a stray, its owner will eventually turn up. 

“That cat screaming like ‘Help I’ve been kidnapped!!!!'” a user joked

“The laugh was pure anxiety,” another commented

“I almost did this with a gray cat in my area he answered to my cats name and looked exactly like him,” a TikToker said

“It’s the manic laughter for me,” someone wrote

“I have literally done this…chased it for hours trying to bring it home only to wake up the next day and realize it had different eyes,” a person added

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