Stop motion animator turns everyday objects into playful art

Javier Pérez is a stop motion animator and artist from Ecuador. 

His whimsical art first went viral in 2013 and now he has 168,000 followers on Instagram. Pérez’s simple illustrations combine everyday objects — like using a thumbtack as a bee’s body or an Oreo as a globe.

“My work is very simple and minimal,” Pérez said on his website. “I want people to be able to take a break from the saturation of photos in general. My motto: ‘Create every day. No matter your skills.'” 

Pérez has evolved his style to include stop motion graphics and it only highlights how clever and playful his work is. He posted a reel of some of his best work in October.  

“I can’t believe seven years ago my images became viral!” Pérez wrote in the caption. “All started when my artworks appeared in @colossal and all my life changed! During these years I’ve been working very hard in campaigns, books, stop motions and much more. Thanks for your support!” 

The clip starts with a roaring alligator line drawing with two keys as his snout. There’s a paper cutout couple lounging on a dock made of a chocolate bar, a bouncing porcelain coffee mug and a french fry container that moves like a jellyfish.

Each animation showcases Pérez’s way of reimagining everyday items. 

“I love what you do,” one user said

“I always love to see your work!” another wrote

“You are so good!” someone commented. 

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