Store faces backlash over use of straight-size models for plus-size clothing

Online retailer Missguided is facing criticism after customers noticed that the website used size 8 models for a number of plus-size clothing items.

Multiple Twitter users pointed out the disconnect and shared photos of the models used.

“Can you please explain how this is plus size????????? Seriously wtf,” one user wrote.

Backlash grew from there as customers began pointing out that Missguided added a disclaimer for those photos that stated that “the picture shown is our mainline style.”

For other items, the disclaimer said, “Please note: The picture shown is our size 8 model.”

Critics pointed out that brands use plus-size models so customers can see what the clothes look like on similar bodies. Taking away those models not only has a negative effect on body positivity — it forces plus-size customers to guess how the clothes will look on them before ordering.

“Sooo, Missguided is using straight-size models to show their plus range and using a disclaimer of ‘you’ll just have to imagine what they look like on a plus girl’ (paraphrased of course), to sell their clothes,” a Twitter user wrote.

A spokesperson from Missguided told the DailyMail that the reason the website chose to use size 8 models for the plus-size section was related to the global pandemic.

“Because of obvious circumstances, we’ve avoided booking additional models right now for ranges that have been extended from smaller sizes … in this rare exception, we’re transparent online about the model’s size,” they said.

Critics still questioned why the brand didn’t just show items in the plus-size range without using a model, as many of the retailer’s clothes are displayed this way.

“This screams ‘we want to profit from plus size individuals without representing or supporting them in any way,'” one Twitter user responded.

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