Plane passenger rejects ‘awkward’ message from stranger trying to ‘flirt’

A woman was totally caught off guard when a plane passenger tried to flirt with her. 

Some airlines have seat-to-seat chats that allow flyers to message each other directly. However, TikToker @ufosteph couldn’t believe it when the guy sitting in front of her used the chat to try and have a meet-cute. Instead of finding it endearing, she just found it kind of cringe. 

“How to flirt on an airplane,” the video caption read

The screen in front of her seat received a notification that read “Seat Chat Invitation: 9E has sent you a chat invitation” with an option to “Decline” or “Accept Chat.” 

“I turned off the screen to avoid interaction,” she explained

“I didn’t reply/accept because he was sitting in the row in front of me. It was awkward,” she said in the comment section.

TikTokers were split on whether they supported in-flight flirting.

“Is this a thing now? At least Airdropping had an element of anonymity to it,” a user commented

“Catch me sprinting up to 9E real quick to see if they’re cute,” another wrote

“Um, I actually kinda like this idea,” someone said

“What, you can chat on airplanes now?! What in the reality show is that?!” a person joked

“My anxiety already operates at high capacity. This would send it through the roof!” a TikToker replied

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