‘Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp comforts bullied teen on TikTok

“Stranger Things” star Noah Schnapp has always been outspoken against bullying. In 2017, he even penned a “rant” about the harmful behavior, noting that bullying “does not need to exist.”

“To the bullies and you know who you are: So after thinking about all of those great things in your life, why do you have to make another person’s life bad?” he wrote. “Why make them feel bad about themselves? Don’t you already have enough good things in your life to be happy about?”

“To the bullied: You are a really great person,” he continued. “You are so nice and gentle and beautiful in every aspect of your outer self and inner self.”

Recently, Schnapp even came to the defense of a TikTok user who made a video about getting bullied at the grocery store.

“A bunch of thin, pretty girls were following me at the grocery store. I could hear them laughing,” TikTok user fleur_fairy explained in a vulnerable video. “I felt cute and confident … then I noticed they were laughing at me. They were making fun of my arms and legs. They called me awful names, so I left the store crying. I AM ENOUGH!”

Fleur_fairy’s video, which has more than 219,000 likes, received plenty of supportive comments — including one from Schnapp.

Credit: TikTok

“That’s so funny cuz ur so pretty anyway so no need to even worry about what they say when you know it’s lies,” Schnapp commented on the video.

“Thank you for your kindness,” Fleur_fairy said in response.

With nearly 11 million followers and more than 163 million likes on his videos, Schnapp is one of the more active celebrities on TikTok. The 15-year-old actor loves to make goofy videos and even sometimes collaborates with TikTok stars like Charli D’Amelio.

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