TikToker claims stranger ‘trashed’ her apartment after getting rejected

A woman on TikTok is accusing a stranger of trashing her apartment after being rejected by her friend.

In a series of eight videos, user Anna Martin (@annamartin35) explained that she and her friend invited some people they met at a bar over to her home for a post-game. The man was one of the people invited and neither woman knew him beyond just meeting him at the bar.

According to Martin, he tried to hit on her friend and wasn’t too happy when the friend said she wasn’t interested.

“One person was trying to make a move on my friend. She wasn’t interested and I spoke to him about consent,” Martin explained in a Tiktok. “Then he became very upset and trashed the apartment.”

Martin recorded herself walking through her apartment, which she alleged was destroyed by the rejected stranger.

“As you can see, he smashed a bunch of our vases and things, smashed bottles, smashed mirrors, dumped contents of things onto the floor,” she narrated. “You can see where the tile is messed up because he dumped milk all over the ground.”


this is why you should never invite strangers into your home. ESPECIALLY as a young woman. our apartment was trashed over a man getting rejected. so scary

♬ original sound – Anna Martin

update on the man who trashed my apartment bc my friend wouldn’t sleep with him 🙂

♬ original sound – Anna Martin

In another video, Martin confirmed she did call the police and that they are opening a case, although that’s as much information as she gave on the subject.

Other TikToks showed Martin and her friend cleaning up the apartment and going into more detail as to what the man allegedly destroyed — even claiming that he put cream in their hydroponic garden, a self-fertilizing planter that uses water and nutrients instead of soil to grow plants.

The biggest question TikTok viewers had for Martin was why she decided to invite a stranger into her home.

“It’s a pretty normal thing in our culture to do that,” Martin explained, talking about post-games. “I felt like it was fine and maybe that’s me being naive. I wish that it was safe to do that without worrying that someone could become violent or trash your house.”

Martin also added that comments blaming her for inviting the stranger over in the first place were not helpful.

“What happened happened,” she said. “It’s not going to happen again.”

Others asked Martin how she didn’t notice the man destroying her apartment at the post-game.

“We did notice, but it didn’t feel safe to try to reason with an incredibly large man on a violent rampage,” she said in response. “This man was grabbing my friend who had rejected him multiple times. I do not owe him respect at that point [either].”

But for the most part, viewers were shocked at the alleged behavior and the footage of Martin’s apartment.

“Instead of ‘why would you invite a stranger over,’ maybe try ‘why would he destroy a stranger’s house?'” one commenter wrote.

“I’m so sorry,” another commented. “That’s terrifying. I’m glad you guys are safe.”

“Nobody should act like this, ever,” a user concluded.

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