Here’s why people are asking their significant others the ‘strawberry question’

TikTok has come up with another relationship loyalty test but instead of entrapment this time it’s a series of questions about eating strawberries. 

If you’re confused, so are most of the people subjected to the so-called “strawberry question.” In the test, a person asks their significant other some very leading questions about whether or not they would eat a wild strawberry. Somehow the end result is supposed to predict whether or not their spouse would cheat on them. 

What is the “strawberry question” on TikTok

The series of questions that are believed to expose your partner’s capacity for infidelity is as follows:

If you were walking past a strawberry field, would you take a strawberry and eat it if you were really hungry? How many would you eat? What if there was a fence?

The hashtag #strawberryquestion currently has 20 million views on TikTok.

TikToker Julie asked her boyfriend Corey the questions. He said he would eat the strawberries but not if there was a fence.

“Wow, so you would cheat on me if it was easy to?” Julie told Corey. 

“Weren’t you talking about strawberries?” he replied, confused. 

But when @jeefeeweefee was asked the question he knew exactly what was going on and how to respond. He said he would find the owner of the field and pay for the strawberries. 


Yes my boyfriend is strange with his responses lol #fyp #strawberryquestion #CloseYourRings #foryoupage

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Meanwhile, Ashley Cervantes was a bit caught off guard by her boyfriend’s reaction. He said he would only take the strawberries if he was starving, would hop the fence and then laugh in the field owner’s face. 

TikToker @taylueramos_‘s boyfriend was almost too honest. He said he would never “eat something out of a random field,” no matter the situation. 

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