Streamer crocheting on Twitch is cheered on by supportive friend

A streamer crocheting on Twitch got cheered on by his friend in a wholesome moment.

Marco “MarcoAnty1” Morales was working on his single crochet technique through a YouTube tutorial until he finally hit the groove he was looking for. A friend on stream with Marco cheered him on, creating a wholesome moment that went viral on Reddit.

“Yo, we crocheting in this b****!” Marco exclaimed on stream after his successful crochet streak.  “Bro, we crocheting in this b****. We real-life crocheting in this b****, bro.”

Marco is a variety streamer who entertains his viewers with cooking, chatting with strangers on Omegle and playing games of different genres. Crocheting seems to be a recent addition to his content.

Though Twitch is primarily known as a platform for video games, it also has a small but thriving segment of content makers who stream activities such as book reading, knitting and painting. These hobbyist genres on Twitch have been growing in part due to some of the platform’s biggest stars making occasional forays into these spaces.

Chess (yes, regular old chess) has been undergoing an explosion of popularity on Twitch in 2020 largely because of prominent streamers taking an interest in it. Top gaming personalities such as Félix “xQc” Lengyal, Albert “BoxBox” Zheng and Leslie “Fuslie” Fu have brought millions of eyes to the chess streaming community which was previously a niche category on Twitch.

Chess grandmaster and streamer Hikaru “GMHikaru” Nakamura, who is now a household name among Twitch viewers, thanked these streamers for spreading awareness and enjoyment of the game. Hikaru has since gone on to coach several streamers in chess including his most famous pupil, xQc.

Marco and Hikaru are both good reminders that starting a new hobby is daunting but always easier with a good friend.

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