Streamer blames subreddit, not her outfit, after being banned on Twitch

IndieFoxx says her Twitch ban is the result of a “disgusting, toxic” subreddit that bullies streamers.

The Twitch streamer has been banned from the platform for the second time in a week and is now fighting back against the reason behind her account being taken down.

Streamer Jenelle Dagres, known on the platform as IndieFoxx, was banned on Feb. 1 after writing subscribers’ names on her body. The gimmick, which she has done in the past without punishment, was meant to encourage subscribers to donate to her channel.

In late January, Dagres’ account was shut down for three days after one user made a clip of her wearing a bathing suit in a jacuzzi during a stream and posted it on the subreddit LiveStreamFails.

Another streamer, JakennbakeLIVE, took the clip and commented over the footage asking Dagres if her bathing suit was “see-through in the back.” The clip was upvoted over 1,500 times on Reddit before Dagres was banned from Twitch. She later shared on Twitter that her swimsuit was not see-through and that the company that made the suit sometimes sponsored her streams.

Three days after being banned, Dagres returned to Twitch with a new stream, during which she wrote the names of donors on her body while wearing shorts, a bralette and thigh-high socks. Another user took this new clip and posted it on LiveStreamFails with the caption, “Twitch allowing girls to write big donator names on their breasts.” According to Insider, the post was locked a few hours later, after moderators said the thread was “getting too out of hand.”

Three hours later, Dagres’ channel was shut down again.

“This is ridiculous,” Dagres tweeted. “I never said I’d write anyone’s name on my breast for [donations] … I [wrote] 2 names on my clavicle to look like tattoos. People [are] stretching.”

Twitch rarely comments on why specific streamers have been banned, but its community guidelines prohibit “sexually explicit content and activities” and “sexually suggestive content.”

“Is it just me or is LiveStreamFail [on] Reddit for harassing and bullying people,” Dagres said in another tweet. “How is this Reddit even allowed? I’ve been harassed and bullied for years by thousands of ppl. This is the most disgusting toxic place on the internet for streamers.”

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