StrikeZone adds a modern twist to tabletop baseball games

Baseball fans will love StrikeZone, a new tabletop baseball game by Koolbots. The multiplayer game provides a realistic experience because its rules are nearly identical to the real sport. 

StrikeZone takes place on a diamond field style board. Players select an action figure to pitch, swing and score. The game pieces are surprisingly large at around 10 inches each. To toss the ball, all you have to do is select the pitcher miniature, aim him in the desired direction and pull his built-in trigger. The batter swings when you pull his lever. To score, players must perfectly time and aim the batter to hit a home run. 

You can even throw fastballs and breaking balls by moving the pitcher at different angles. Yep, it’s all in good fun as long as you can keep track of the tiny baseballs flying around. StrikeZone includes a modern touch with its mobile app where you can manage the scoreboard as well as capture and share moments. 

Koolbots has a list of rules, including extra twists to up the ante during gameplay. There are even a few add-ons like The Blue Monster, a fence to challenge the batter to hit towering home runs. Players can also purchase a mound to expand the hitter’s range of angles. 

You can pre-order StrikeZone from Koolbots or contribute to its fully-funded Kickstarter. Koolbots is a tabletop gaming company that aims to reimagine the boardgame by capturing the authentic experience of sports. The company is also working on launching a tabletop cricket game.

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