Student accidentally uploads embarrassing video for her entire class to see

If you thought the days of awkward first impressions were over thanks to video calls and social distancing, you are sadly mistaken.

User Meganjannooshh, a college student, took to TikTok to explain an embarrassing moment of her own.

In the post, she said that for her Biology class, she had to post an introduction video.

She shared a few examples from her teacher and fellow classmates — and they’re all fairly straightforward and cordial.

Meganjannooshh’s introduction, however, did not go as planned.

“Hey … how ya’ll doing,” she said in the video, waving awkwardly. She then yawned, and looked at the camera with a horrified expression for a few seconds before saying, “How do you pause it?”

She explained that there’s no way to delete the video, so this awkward footage will be available for all of her classmates to see.

“I’m actually crying,” she wrote in her caption.

Commenters found her facial expressions to be delightful.

“THE FEAR IN YOUR EYES 🧿⭕️🧿,” one user wrote.

“This would make me want to be your friend,” another said.

The video has over 750,000 likes and 8,000 comments on TikTok so far, so chances are Meganjannooshh’s classmates see her video fail as more charming than off-putting.

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